…but you need cash…

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#159 – Hosted by Julie’s Place

The Challenge: “You have 100 words (or the number that have been set for that week) plus the prompt to write a creative piece.”

This week’s prompt: …but you need cash…


She used her best French: “Pardon. Mon portefeuille a disparu. Où est le poste de police?”

“You’re American?” he asked, sultry and handsome.


“Follow me,” he said. He took her to a meal and drinks, and made her laugh. He took her to Le Seine.

“Take this bag across Passerelle-de-Solferino,” he said.

Her instincts screamed run! “I can’t.”

“But you need cash,” he insisted. “This will get you enough for days, and we’ll report your stolen wallet tomorrow.”

She went, and handed it over as instructed. She didn’t need to wait for tomorrow for the police. They were there, waiting. He was gone.


Got any constructive criticism? I’m new to this. Not sure what I’m doing, but looking forward to the writing practice. Maybe I’ll make this a regular thing. A dependable posting schedule is something recommended by the experts, and the non-experts. I just gather it’s a good blogging idea. Or I may never do it again. Who knows. Commitment and I haven’t always gotten along.

Rock on!


Blow Kisses

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