…but what will I write…

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#160
Hosted by Julia at Julia’s Place
Information at 100WCGU

Prompt: …but what will I write…


pills-824994_1280A gaunt body under the sheets startled when Joann threw open the shades.

“Get up Maggie,” Joann said. Maggie moaned and buried her head under the pillow. Joann put the cup of medicines and some water on the bedside table, then took the pillow and sheets off Maggie.

“Get up Maggie,” she said again. “I have pen and paper for you in the community room.”

“I don’t want to,” Maggie shielded her eyes from the light.

“Too bad. It’s required in the steps.” Joann lifted Maggie to sitting.

“But what will I write? I left my son seventeen years ago. He was just a baby.”

Specifics: 105 words of fiction, pure fiction (one hundred words plus the five-word prompt (I hope I interpreted the instructions correctly)). I’ve written of my own drug and alcohol use, but this isn’t my story. Thank all goodness for that. Be well. Addiction is a beast. There is help, for those who care to accept it.

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Post Image by HASTYWORDS on Pixabay

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