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My Montana

“When you’re finished with your New York, come get you some Montana,” he said.

Andrew had worked as a bouncer at the club for a few weekends. Nine eleven had happened so even though he had finished his active duty his inactive duty kicked in to reactive and he was assigned to the base two hours outside of the city. It was all there was two hours outside of the city.

The first weekend he was as they all were on their first weekend, and I didn’t fuck around:

“You will check all IDs. If I have to check behind you…”
“Understood,” he said.
“I pulled every trick, and I have younger siblings currently pulling tricks,” I said.
“Understood,” he said.

And I got a little wet.

Once a month we had our most popular band. Welcome Andrew. I carded everyone behind him just to catch him. He did well. This was not going to end well for me.

The second weekend was the national finals in the championship tournament.

This club, though, was more bar, and it was on the second floor of a roller hockey rink. It was club size, and on the weekends it felt like one – throngs of people, sound technicians, radio shows remote broadcasting. The legal capacity brought the good bands every Friday and Saturday night. The owner was good at marketing. Sundays swelled with football when there was football. Then an empty floor with a bar full of regulars. Roller Hockey National Finals brought a week of revenue to last months, and included a team from New York.

New York was a way-too-gorgeous for me player with a return flight booked for Sunday afternoon. I would fuck him, and it would be good. So I tipped out a bounty amount to be the first released, grabbed my purse, and said my goodbyes.

“Where are you off to in such a rush?” Andrew asked.
“I’m going to get me some New York,” I said.
“When you’re finished with your New York,” he said, “come get you some Montana.”
I will, I thought.

The third weekend I beat Andrew at pool three straight games and I knew he was throwing them.

“You’re not playing,” I said.
“You’re bending over,” Andrew said.
“I am not bending over when you are playing,” I said.

I had given up my shift for a weekday trade. I was playing pool with someone who wouldn’t play. All for the lay. Except we lost the lay who was already ready to go right there on that very table. I went home and he finished his shift.

The fourth weekend I met him at a hotel room door stark naked with two cold beers, and we fucked for the next two years.

Featured Image: Billiards Table – PixabayPublic Domain

9 thoughts on “My Montana

  1. I mean it all makes sense, it flows. What I like about your writing is that we as readers have to fill in the blanks sometimes, which is what I mean about your blog being a go-to blog for me right now in terms of learning economy of words. Could you flesh it out…sure, but it makes us have to re-read it to fully understand it, which is commendable. I am currently reading another book in a series of 20. Though I do enjoy them, at times the author is too wordy and runs on and on with precious few breaks and very long paragraphs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like to trust my readers. I work every word in a story to maximize its potential. I prefer to share that Andrew was a soldier as “so even though he had finished his active duty his inactive duty kicked in…” because that, to me, tells more of his story. He was a soldier. He was finished with his duty, but then duty called again and he returned to his service, and was isolated at a base far outside of the city and was willing to drive two hours each weekend to break the monotony or else have nothing to do but sit on base and wait for Monday. To explain all that any other way would take too many words and could compromise the focus of the story.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I understand what you mean on maximizing the potential. The one I did the other day was actually heavily, heavily edited. It was a full length blog I had been working on, but when I decided to reboot the focus of my blog, I figured it would be a good starting point, and I deliberately tried to leave some segments sparse and let people do some investigating on their own if they wanted to. In the past I would have taken a paragraph because I felt I HAD to explain it. Big difference and I want to pursue it more.

    And you are welcome. The nice thing about blogs is even though I have known your work for only a week or so, I have been able to catch up. In that short amount of time I feel like I understand your writing which is why I can call you a go-to-blog. Looking forward to reading much more from you. By the way, if you ever want to discuss writing in more detail and not out in the open, my email is on my blogs and you can look my blog (same name) up via Facethingy and Twittering.

    Liked by 1 person

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