Little Black Dress Night

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#167
Hosted by Julia at Julia’s Place
Information at 100WCGU


Rules: You have 100 words to put to the prompt to produce a piece of writing to share.


It was Little Black Dress night – a sophisticated twist on Ladies Night. Any woman wearing a black dress got in free. I had several to choose from, but went with my favorite: a baby doll slip of a dress with a low cut scoop neck that showed off the assets my waterbra gave me. I was wearing a pair of red, four-inch stilettos. My Dorothy heels. I drank. I flirted. There were some shots, and possibly some Xanax (this was before it was a controlled substance). I danced on the bar over a line of fire. Best. Night. Ever.

Featured Image: 100WCGU badge
Post Image: Julia at Julia’s Place

4 thoughts on “Little Black Dress Night

    • Awful! But that was the usual for me back then. Glad I’m done with that stage.
      P.S. I’ve been busy moving house. I hope to get back to the challenge this week.


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