Burned By The Fire

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#173
Hosted by Julia at Julia’s Place
Information at 100WCGU

Prompt: …as the flames leapt skyward…

Rules: You have 100 words plus the prompt (105 in total) to produce a piece of writing to share.

Burned By The Fire

girl-569369_640She swore with great conviction that she would never, ever, so much as step foot on that campus ever again. High school had been miserable, despite academic achievement and athletic prowess. She was scorned by schoolmates, ignored by teachers, benched by coaches. It was nothing she had done. Her family was not rich, and that mattered more than it should have.

It happened that she was driving past the campus on the evening of the annual homecoming bonfire. The familiar ache returned. She slowed her car and contemplated joining the growing alumni circle. As the flames leapt skyward, she remembered the burn, and drove on.

Specifics: 105 words of fiction, though based on experience. There is a big difference between Old Navy and Banana Republic, and I was reminded of it daily.

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Post Image: girl-569369 by Unsplash (CC0 1.0)

9 thoughts on “Burned By The Fire

  1. ‘She remembered the burn and drove on.’ Such a scathing and hard hitting line. So much contained in it. Love the whole piece but that line is amazing. And for different reasons I never want to go to any freaking reunion ever again!

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