Sky Blue

Sky Blue

Sonya-Only100WordsThe whole town came out. It was like the old days when everyone gathered to watch movies on the hologram screen after dark, before the ceaseless clouds settled and stayed. But today it was still light.

The scientists’ warning fell on deaf ears; the people more concerned with personal satisfaction than environmental sustainability, the politicians more concerned with fundraising than lifesaving. The Clean Air Acts were meant to placate, and line pockets. But it wasn’t enough. It took a decade longer than predicted, but eventually the small patches of clouds combined like a comforter over the cities, the mountains, the whole earth, and remained in place like a stubborn toddler.

Now that the dome was nearly complete, and the last patches of organic blue skies were disappearing everywhere, everyone came out to see, for the final time, the blue that would only remain as a color in a box of crayons. (151 words)


38th Challenge for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Week of 11/02
Word limit is 100 – 150 words (+/– 25 words) based on the photograph provided.

More stories behind the blue frog:

Photo Credit: Sonya
Featured Image: FFfAW badge

14 thoughts on “Sky Blue

  1. Vivid descriptions here-ceaseless clouds, stubborn toddler..great stuff. It is also great to see you back in my reader again more frequently. I know there was a lot of chaos with moving but it is so great to see you back again. I also wanted to mention that in large part because of you, I am going to add a fiction section to my blog. People have responded so well to the two prompts I have done that I am interested in writing the occasional fictional pieces as well. I want to get a few more under my belt before I do, but I have been especially inspired by you in writing them. I’m realizing that I am just enjoying writing in general and want to continue challenging myself.

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        • I use prompts for what I post. It gives the writing a starting point and a focus. My personal writing, what I don’t share, that comes from someplace deep within. The stories, the characters, they reveal themselves to me and give me no choice but to channel their words onto my page.

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          • Now that I have done one, I like the idea of the prompts as well, for the inspiration, but I would like to try to come up with my own ideas as well. Have you thought about bridging the gap though between your personal writing and the prompt inspired? Better yet, make your own prompt!


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