Straight Flush

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#174
Hosted by Julia at Julia’s Place
Information at 100WCGU

Prompt: photo prompt

Rules: You have 100 words to produce a piece of writing to share.ppp-224x300

They could tell the level of trouble by the color of their dad’s face. If it was pink, it would just be a verbal thrashing. Red meant screaming and spanking. But if he reached purple, they ran. The older they got, the faster they got. Mom had long since left on the promise to return to save them, but, though they held on to that hope, she never did. Julia, Jamie, Janice, and June promised Jane they’d stay until she could leave too. On Jane’s 16th birthday, at the height of Autumn, they left together and never went home again.

Specifics: 100 words of fiction.

Featured Image: 100WCGU badge
Post Image: Julia at Julia’s Place

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Blow Kisses

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